Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes

The Who


Hey folks I am touring with the Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes and The Who this summer. 3 legs of around 18 days each. 2 days at each site. 1st day, Kenny Wayne Shepperd opens then Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes play. 2nd day, Unamerican (who?) opens then The Who play. My client is Nocturne Productions out of San Francisco. Looks like I am going to have a pretty cool summer. Here is some of the stuff I'm doing to keep busy.

Crew Pictures Pictures of the Usual Suspects, Who is Kaiser Sousa?

Daily Jesus Pictures of me in various states, physically and mentally.

Diary Daily rambling / brain dump.

System The toys that I'm playing with out here.

Itinerary Where we are and when.

Bus Rules For those of you who have never been on a tour bus, and were afraid to ask.

A Typical day So what is it you really do for a living, Jesus?

Home I wanna go . . . . .

Moshing . . . On this show. . .I don't think so.

Various Pictures Okay these are some of the funnier pictures of the tour.