Bus Rules

Raise your hand if you have ever had to sleep on a tour bus. Those of you who raised your hand, check out this site. Okay, those of you that didn't check this out!

The first rule you learn on the bus is "Don't SHIT on the bus!" It's pretty much drilled into your head even before you get within sniffing distance of a bus.

Rule number two: When you are the last to leave the bus LOCK IT! You are responsible for protecting each others stuff. You have a key USE IT!

Rule number three: Sleep with you feet towards the front of the bus. In case the driver has to make a panic stop your feet will hit first, not your head.

Other notes: Don't set your alarm for a disgustingly early wake up and then sleep through it, waking and annoying all other crew trying to get that last little bit of sleep before their bladder explodes or their crew chief wakes them.

The back lounge is usually for smoking and the front lounge is non-smoking.

Don't Bogart the bay key! Other people want to get to their stuff too!

You know you lived on a bus to long when:

This is you and your bus mates home for an indeterminate amount of time, treat it as such.

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