Various Pictures

Behind Blue Eyes

Gaffer's foot. That age old roadie problem. Desanex just doesn't do it.

Lighting Bunny, as opposed to Playboy.

We always wondered why Paulie kept asking if we had seen his maid outfit, until that day we found him . . .

The projectionist chose not to be identified due to certain rumors about his love for squints.

Hi I'm, Rex, your neighbor from next door. Do you think you could turn down the music alittle?

I think the back lounge is the best part of the bus to hang out in.

Skip was confident that Mike would never be able to untie the knot in his logic.

I told you, never bother me when I'm trying to do a show!

Somebodies got way to much time on their hands, must be a projectionist.

If you're having problems with your video signal, or just not sure what to do about that pesky stigmata . . .

Hey guys, you know how I hate these wild bus parties . . .

This fine light beer helps me shade cameras so much better than those dark beers . . .