Roadie Restaurant Referral

Traveling as much as I do means that I eat out a lot in various cities all over the US and the world. This part of the site is a listing of some of my favorite restaurants that I have found as well as some that my friends have recommended.

Some of the criteria include good food, median price, nice wine and/or beer selection, and close to major hotel and convention districts, or something strange or different that made you want to come back the next time you were in the area .

Why? Because we all travel a lot and want to find a good place to eat in some town we have never been in. Life, as well as my stay in most cities is much to short to eat BAD food! If you would like to recommend a restaurant please email me the following info.

  1. Name of Restaurant & type of cuisine.
  2. City or Cities where it is located.
  3. Phone number, and a contact name i.e. wait staff you liked, host staff that was helpful etc.
  4. Address: brick and mortar as well as Internet if any.
  5. What you liked about it and why.
  6. Who you are with all your pertinent info plus your profession. I will give credit to any one who sends me info.
  7. Any comments you would like to add

My Favorites:

Sushi To Dai For, Sushi as well as cooked food. 4th St in San Rafael CA. NOW on 4th ST in Santa Rosa, CA as well. It doesn't get any better than this place. Dai is the owner. Chefs include Kay, June and Shin. Walk in and get a seat at the bar and say 'Oh maka sey shi masu' (phonetic spelling). You will be very happy when you are full. Buy the chefs and the kitchen staff a beer or sake. They deserve it.

Tu Lan, Vietnamese, 6th St & Market St. San Francisco CA. Greasy spoon but WONDERFULL food.

House Of Chen, Chinese, Noe St & 17th, San Francisco. 5 Taste Chicken Rocks!

El Toro, Mexican, Valencia St San Francisco CA. Excellent Grilled chicken burrito.

In and Out Burger. Burgers. California, Nevada and Arizona. Burgers, need I say more?

Sammy's Noodle House. Chinese. 12 St. near The New School, NYC NY Noodles, dim sum, etc. Not sure about location or name but it is very good.

From David Langsam (Are you happy now?): ~

When in Toronto check out:

Ultra Supper Club 314 Queen St West, 416-263-0330, Michael Chalut (VIP Host) C 647-988-6570.
A dark, modern restaurant/club. Everything from scallops to duck all good. Excellent wine list. Fancy bar and decor. Hot babes. Live music. Don't look for a sign, just enter under the red asian arch on Queen St. Pretty much right down town.

In Stockton of all places!

Siamese Street Restaurant 3236 Pacific Ave, Stockton, CA 95204, 209-466-0130. Near the UOP. A nice, clean thai restaurant. The Som Tum (shredded papaya salad) ordered 'pet ma' (spicy in Thai) brought tears to my eyes, clogged my ears and was incredibly flavorful! The sweet basil eggplant with beef was excellent and also spicy with plenty of garlic. But wait, they import their coconut ice cream from Thailand!!! Best coconut ice cream I've ever had.

When in Boston...

Santarpios Pizza 111Chelsea St East Boston, MA 617-567-9871 A short cab ride from the airport. An old school, no frills, very sassy pizza joint. If you need some abuse this is a good place to be.

Legal Seafood Downtown Boston

Very hi-end. Very good